diy tick repellent for dogs

Ticks are bad this year and our Jack Russell’s love to head out for adventures on our land and every time they come back we’d be tick pick’n.

Depending on the size of your dog you can decide how many drops of rose geranium essential oil to put on your dog’s collar for a DIY Natural way to repel ticks.

We put about 4 drops on our dogs collars.

After we started putting rose geranium essential oil on their collars it’s really helped keep the ticks at bay. Before we started applying the rose geranium they would come in with 20 or more ticks – now they only get about 3 to 5!

Keeping your grass cut short is another major key in keeping the tick count down but it doesn’t help when you have two Jack Russell’s who love to roam beyond the cut grass. :)

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