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Got an email from China Domain Name Registration - Is it real? What does it mean?

So if you have a domain of your own you may have gotten an email from someone who claims that a person or company has tried to register your domain in China and they are trying to confirm if such person is a business partner of yours and so forth. At first it seems legit…but is it?   Don’t fall for the scam! Here is a video that explains this […]


Farmers Market - Fresh Savings! - Kansas City River Market

Here at homesteadsimple our site name says it all. Our homestead is simple. We don’t grow all of our own food and we are learning as we go. We love our local farmers markets and we enjoy our time at them when we go. One of our favorites in the city is the Kansas City River Market. A lot of cities have some pretty awesome farmers markets. We have made […]


What to bring to the parade? - Small town parade fun!

So Evi was in her dance schools parade float! Can you spot her? Super cute and lots of fun! The Grinch who stole Christmas was the theme of the float. What to bring to the parade: Water, Water, Water! You know it’s the best way to beat the heat. Stay hydrated. Snacks because you will get hungry sitting there for hours. A small cooler to keep your drinks cold and […]


Simple Summer Fun

Remember the days when playing in the sprinkler or with the water hose outside was summer fun? Simple summer fun is the title to this post. Summer vacation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. What did you do as a kid during the summer?   I will make a list and put it together to share some free simple summer fun ideas. Please leave a comment or […]


Tips for hiking with kids!

Plan your hike and read reviews so you can be aware of the trails condition. Wear the right shoes and clothing for the season. You don’t want to be cold or to hot. Bring water, water, water! Bring snacks too! Bring a first aid kit in your backpack. Take a break and rest you don’t want to wear yourselves out especially those kiddos, because you know then you will be […]


Crafting Little Girl's Hair Headbands

So what do you think? We’ve been creative and crafting lately. It’s always nice when what you crafting is for something that will be seen on our pretty little girls head! 😉 If you like what you see comment, let us know and we can put together a tutorial on how you can make some of your own cuteness!